We offer gymnastics, cheerleading, and tumbling classes, both recreational and competition.

Most popular untruths being said.

At Cheer Factory /Delaware Valley Gymnastics Center,  All we ask is that you have an open mind and come see for yourselves how good we are. You will be pleasantly surprised.

No certifications

All our coaches are safety certified through  and/or another organization and are over 18.

Sylvia Bryant and Kelsie Judd are certified Cheer coaches in levels 1-4 in tumbling and stunting through USASF.  This is a difficult, time consuming, and expensive certification.   Most of our certifications and classes are framed on our walls and have been available for anyone to see since we opened our doors.  I say most, because  we may have missed some... LOL


Our first year, when our parents raised money for our cheerleaders, ALL proceeds went to our cheerleaders.  We do not accept extra fees for coaches fees, travel fees, gym fees. We do not have a Booster Club.

We have no insurance

We would not have been able to open our doors without insurance on the athletes and equipment, etc.  We have it through a company recommended by USA Gymnastics. We have not had any claims as of June 2017.

The way the insurance works is that personal health insurance is used first, and after spending a deductible out of pocket, our insurance picks up any more personal expenses.

Delaware Valley Gymnastics Center

Cheer Factory has not filed for bankruptcy, gone out of business, changed its' name, or anything like that. We Added the name "Delaware Valley Gymnastics Center" as a DBA for our competitive gymnastics program. We thought it might sound funny being announced as Cheer Factory at a gymnastics competition.

Our new logo

Cheer Factory did NOT copy or steal our new logo. Our logo does not show to belong to another company when searched  It was created by Sylvia Bryant.

Excessive Injuries

All and any injuries are excessive!  Every gym and coach, no matter where they work, wants their athletes to remain safe and healthy.

Before opening Cheer Factory, Sylvia had not been a part of any bone injuries, unless they were her own. Cheer Factory has had 3 bone injuries and a concussion.

Allowing other Cheerleaders to tumble at Cheer Factory

A coach or teacher is not allowed to threaten an athletes' position on a team if they attend Cheer Factory. They are also not allowed to recommend they discontinue their classes here due to falsehoods.

Students do not advance at our facility

I'm not sure where to begin... ALL our students improve, even our toddlers! There are many videos of athletes shortly after they began and now. Huge improvements. Ask the athletes, look at videos, come see!

As a Coach, I use video as one of my teaching tools.