All-Star Cheer

At Cheer Factory, we offer several options for Cheerleaders of all ages. We are extremely fortunate to be in an area which offers so many wonderful cheerleading opportunities for our youth, and Cheer Factory offers something for everyone. 

-Cheer for another organization? Take a tumbling class and make that organization better.

-Want to be a cheerleader in the future?  Take a tumbling, cheer, or stunt class, to become the best version of you. 

-Want to be on an All-Star Competition Team?  Cheer Factory has their annual tryouts in May of every year.

Senior All-Star Cheer 2017-2018

Congratulations to all the athletes who tried out and made one of our All-Star Teams for the 2017-2018 season!!!

We had a wonderful turnout and it looks like we will have2 teams this year. We are hoping for a tiny or youth level 1 and a Senior level 2! Wow! Even our 5 yr olds did their back walkovers for tryouts. We are so proud of them.

Youth All-Star Cheer 2017-2018

We are working with Rebel (Cheer clothing company) and have been fitted for shoes, uniform, and practice wear already.

You will see many of our students and their parents fundraising for help with their uniforms, etc We offer sponsorships to companies looking to advertise in our gym. ALL funds go directlly to the athletes for their supplies. Cheer Factory does not profit from ANY fundraising, neither do their coaches!

Cheer for a different organization?

We offer Tumbling, stunting and cheer classes for you. Become the best on your team and encourage others to follow your example. Come in with your stunt group to practice on some soft mats, get more specialized practice at Cheer Factory!

Future Cheerleader?

Cheer Factory is the place to become the best cheerleader you can be by taking a cheer or tumbling class! With hard work and a good attitude, you will become indispensable to any cheer squad. See our schedule for tumbling classes.

Want to be an All-Star Cheerleader?

Cheer Factory has All-Star Teams. It's a big commitment, but so much fun.  Practice with your friends, learn hard skills, and compete on stages under lights!! While you wait for tryouts in May, sharpen your skills with a tumbling or cheer class. See our schedule