All-Star Cheer Tryouts April 9, 2018 4-6pm

All-Star Cheerleading

Cheer Factory will be hosing its' annual All-Star Tryouts on April, 2018. Here is SOME information about our program. More information and contracts available at the gym!

The governing body for all-star cheerleading is USASF (United States All-Star Federation). They have a VERY strict and difficult, and expensive accreditation process. Kelsie Judd and Sylvia Bryant have mastered this process in levels 1-4 and will be the head coaches for all teams and at least one of us will attend all competitions. We are hoping to have 3 teams this year as age division regulations have changed.

Everyone aged 3-18 is eligible to make a team, no experience is required.

All athletes are expected to attend tryouts and perform:

1.  A standing tumbling skill (only what they can do without help)

2.  A running tumbling pass (only what they can do without help)

3.  Cheer jumps: toe touch, pike jump, double toe, and right and left hurkies. These will be taught and then performed.

4.  stunting asked of them. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, basing, backing, flying, and pulling such skills such as a lib, heel stretch, scorpion, etc.

They will be graded based on their ability and broken into age groups and skill level number. Example:

-Level one can perform a back walkover, roundoff, and a single leg stunt below waist.

-level two can perform a standing back handspring, rdo with 2 BHS, aerial, (or some combination of). and single leg stunt at prep level.

-level three can perform, standing multiple bhs and rdo tuck, and a single leg stunt at an extended level.

Everyone that accepts a position on one of our teams will be expected to:

sign a contract.  Parent and child

Attend all practices from June to End of Season (March) SUMMER PRACTICES ARE OPTIONAL, but highly recommended.

Attend all competitions and exhibitions (usually between November and March)

Pay their tuition on time

respect coaches and all others in the gym

In turn, you can expect from us coaches:

to provide many ways to fundraise so as to keep tuition to a minimum!

to keep your child as safe as possible and teach them in a progressive manner.

to treat your child with respect while holding them accountable

explain mistakes made and teach how to fix in a manner they understand

schedule all exhibitions and competitions

communicate information in a timely manner (we will tell you as soon as we know)

Once a team has been established, practices will be scheduled depending on difficulty level of that team and it's age group and their availability.

Tuition will be due on the 1st of each month and will vary depending on team level.

Attendance is strict. Only 3 unexcused practices are allowed. Summer practices ARE OPTIONAL  Vacations are allowed if notice is given so we can adjust practices.

I know this is alot of information. Our full contract is available at the gym to look at. Please feel free to ask any questions!