Cheer Factory and DV Gymnastics center is a 9000 square-foot facility offering Competitive and recreational gymnastics, cheer and tumbling instruction.


Tumbling is the part of gymnastics that includes the floor exercise.  It is seen in Power Tumbling, Trampoline and Cheerleading. We begin with cartwheels and handstands and work our way to tucks, layouts, fulls and beyond. It can be broken into two parts, standing tumbling and running tumbling. Below is an example of running tumbling. Cheer Factory offers several levels of tumbling, ages 12 months through adults,  for fun and for competitive cheerleaders.

Some skills our students have achieved.


This is Alyssa's first back handspring. What a great job! She surprised herself!!!


This is Amaya's second back handspring on the tumble track. Congrats!!!